The Sterlings Are The F*cking Lannisters


By now we’re all familiar with Donald Sterling’s ignorance, especially after Anderson Cooper’s embarrassing interview, but his so-called “estranged” wife Rochelle Sterling is trying to play the victim card and thus keep her 50% share of the Los Angeles Clippers organization.

For someone trying to play the victim, however, Shelly Sterling sure does use the word “fight” a lot. This tells me she’s ignorant to the bigger, more sensitive racial issue at hand, and we all know ignorance often goes hand in hand with bigotry.

Big thanks to Slate’s Josh Levin, who carefully summarized a list of alleged transgressions from Shelly Sterling compiled by Los Angeles Times’ Nathan Fenno.

  • In one federal housing discrimination suit against the Sterlings, a man accused Rochelle of calling him a “black motherfucker” when he asked her to reduce his rent. As Fenno reports, that renter’s lawsuit was folded in to a $2.765 million settlement paid by the Sterlings in 2009, a condition of which was that the Sterlings admitted no wrongdoing.
  • In a deposition in 2009, a property supervisor for the Sterlings said that Rochelle told her, “I can’t remodel my apartments the way that I want because Latinos are so filthy.” In a 2004 deposition, that same property supervisor (who had previously lost at trial after suing Donald Sterling for sexual harassment) alleged that Rochelle didn’t want children and “certain ethnic groups” in her family’s housing complexes: “She didn’t want—if they were playing in the hallway, if they were out hanging in front of the building, they didn’t fit the image.”
  • In a separate housing discrimination lawsuit, a judge concluded that Rochelle Sterling had posed as a health inspector, with the plaintiffs alleging she did so “in order to gain access to tenants’ apartments and to harass and intimidate African-American and Latino tenants.” The judge said that the allegations were “troubling” but did not warrant an injunction against the Sterlings.

Shelly Sterling says she plans on divorcing Donald, but the fact is, she hasn’t yet. Not too surprising for a couple that’s been married 55 years and counting.

These two billionaires have no interest in the Clippers besides the financial benefits associated with owning a high-profile basketball team in Los Angeles. Both Sterlings acknowledge this fact in a number of separate interviews, but they want to keep the team anyway— because it’s their “family’s legacy.” Ring any bells?

(Cut to 0:40)


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